365 Days of Art

On January 1st, 2013 I committed to making a small piece of art every day for the rest of the year. I posted the work here on my blog, on my Instagram feed and Facebook page to hold myself accountable. The pieces quickly grew beyond the ritual. They became a record of days, connections to friends and family, experiments, introductions, and studies for more work.

Now, with 2015 soon approaching, I've decided to jump in to another (slightly different) 365 project. Rather then start totally fresh, this time I will continue where I left off in 2013 with the exact same pieces, this time adding text to each. The text might be a description of the piece, something I read that inspired it, memories of that day or maybe something entirely different. And, as with the last project, it will likely evolve into something I never imagined. To hold myself to it, I’ll be posting every day in the same online places I did in 2013.

Why you should do your own 365 project

My hope is that, beyond watching this next project take shape from afar, you will take on your own 365 project and commit to doing something you love every day in 2015. It could be anything - making something, listening to music, drinking good coffee, eating good food, giving back, exercising, being outside, spending more time with important people in your life, anything. And don’t forget to record it somehow, and share it. If you need a few more reasons to go for it, here you go:

1) You have no idea how many people are behind you until you let yourself be a little vulnerable

One of the best things about my first 365 project was the accidental community that formed out of it. Knowing that I wasn’t alone in the project just by virtue of posting each piece publicly then hearing from people about it, kept me motivated and excited. 

2) You can take a much-needed break from over thinking everything you do

Making art (or doing anything creative) can be an isolating endeavor and most creative people have a tendency toward perfectionism. Together, these two things can add up to a lot of work that only the maker sees. Beyond that, most people don’t even like the stuff you spent too much time perfecting. They are more interested in how you got there, the things that you tossed aside, the interesting mess you made along the way. Knowing that there just wasn’t enough time in the day to make something “perfect” was freeing for me, it had to be posted whether or not I felt good about it.

3) There’s nothing like a little perspective

When you look back at a year’s worth of work, you’ll notice and remember the good days and the bad days. You’ll also notice that the bad stuff never lasted as long as it felt like it did, and that good things are never too far in the future.

4) Life goes by quickly - slow it down a little

Creating something every day is a way to stay present in your life. You can’t help but stay in the moment when you’re forced to create and release something on the same day. Creative work helps us to process what we observe and experience. Before you know it, you’ll have a whole year in your life recorded, to keep and look back on, to share with people you love and some strangers on the Internet too!

5) You’ll create better habits for yourself

Do you have any habits you’d desperately like to change because they would improve your life but seem too daunting and time-consuming to actually change? When you add a positive habit to your everyday life, you’re leaving less room for the ones that suck your energy and you’re creating momentum for even better habits and opportunities.

6) You’ll have fun

Taking on a new project like this is fun. It gets you out of your routine and forces you to try new things, think differently, and challenge yourself while getting better at something you already loved doing. What’s not fun about that?

Join in or follow along

I hope that convinced you. If you do decide to take on your own 365 project, I’d love to hear about it. Hit me up if you need a little encouragement to keep going, consider tagging me in your social media posts or send me an email so I know where to find your project and count me in as part of your 365 project support community.

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Happy (almost) 2015!

Credits // photography by Rebecca Tillett