I work with those who have been touched by infertility, miscarriage or the loss of a baby to create custom abstract paintings that express their stories. My goal is to offer individuals or couples, who may otherwise struggle privately, an opportunity for shared understanding and expression. Ultimately, I hope that my artwork will help nurture empathy and empowerment for women and men who have been affected by these experiences.

Six years ago, my husband and I committed to the idea of creating a family. We realized soon after that the process to get there would not be easy, but we pursued every course available to realize our vision of having a child. We also weathered the ongoing disappointment, uncertainty and frustration that come with the rollercoaster of infertility, and the grief of losing four pregnancies. As an artist, painting was more than a powerful source of expression for me during this long journey; it became a conduit to strength and healing. My recent work was born out of this experience.

(Image: "Poppy" 24" x 24", mixed media on wood, Angela Craven, 2017)

Each custom painting I create is unique to you, or your family, and experience; it can memorialize a tiny life or recall the strength and change inevitably brought by these experiences. Because they are abstract and not representational, the meaning of each piece can remain private and personal or act as a reminder to share your story. 

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