• Art Through Fertility

    I believe that art is healing and powerful and reveals to us our humanity, that you can create or connect to a work of art without understanding it. I believe that art can help us to relate to one another, verbalize our experiences and process our emotions; it can act as its very own form of communication. 

    These aspects of art have always intrigued me but have had more impact in my recent past. Five years ago, my husband and I committed to the idea of having a family. It wasn’t long after that commitment that we realized it wasn’t going to be easy. Since that time, we have lost multiple pregnancies, weathered a lot of disappointment and endured the grief, uncertainty, frustration and pain that comes with the rollercoaster that is infertility. 

    We’ve also gained strength in ways that I couldn’t have imagined. This journey has changed me. I’ve learned the best way for me to process it all is through my art and creativity. Painting has helped me move forward, it is a record of my life and experiences. I’ve learned by talking about my experiences that I am far from alone. Between painting during this time and feeling the support of others when I’ve shared, I’ve felt an immense sense of hope. I want to help others move through this time in their lives. I want to help people feel that same hope when they don’t think they can access it. I want to do that by sitting with them, listening and capturing their stories.

    (Image: "200 Grant" 24" x 24", acrylic on wood, Angela Craven, 2015)

    To do that, I’ve decided to work on a commission project where I’d like to create custom abstract paintings that mark the stories of people who have been touched by infertility, miscarriage or the loss of a baby. The paintings will be unique to you, or your family, and experience; they can memorialize a tiny life or recall the strength and change inevitably brought by these experiences. Because they are abstract and nonrepresentational, the meaning of each piece can remain private and personal or act as a reminder to share your story. 

    If you are interested in hearing more as I work through the details of the project, or in possibly working with me on your own commission, please add your name and email below and I will keep you updated as it develops. 

    If you’d just like to connect or tell me your own story, please feel free to send me an email. I would love to connect with you.