• "The Healing Power of ART" Exhibition 2017

    I am excited to announce that I was one of 62 artists selected to participate in Manhattan Arts International's “The Healing Power of ART” online exhibition curated by Renée Phillips.

    This year's theme:

    “At its best art has the power to heal, inspire, provoke, challenge and offer hope. It can transform our physiological state and perception. It also has the power to awaken us to become more conscious about important issues affecting individuals, society, and the planet. This year’s theme for “The Healing Power of Art is “Inspiring The Positive”: Art that either has a positive healing impact on viewers and/or art that raises awareness about our need for positive change.”

    "Nel Blue", mixed media on wood panel, 40″ x 30"

    I'm proud to have work in this show among a group of accomplished artists and powerful work. The painting selected (shown above) was an "Art Through Fertility" commission I painted for an incredible family who lost their little girl to stillbirth. The painting captures the layers of our conversations - literally through mixed media and text as well as metaphorically. It also represents the memories of carrying and bonding with their little girl before her birth, the hopes and dreams they had for her, the guidance their little girl continues to give them, the strength they've found in the process of grieving for her and the dreams they have for her little brother who was born a week before they received the painting. It was an honor to work on this painting and I couldn't be happier that it spoke to the curator and jurors of the show. 

    Renée Phillips, the show’s curator, is also founder and director of Manhattan Arts International. She has curated more than 65 exhibitions in NYC and online, including several “The Healing Power of ART” exhibitions since 2000. She is the author of several art business/resource books. She is also the founder and editor of The Healing Power of ART & ARTISTSan online resource of art and articles to raise awareness about how art can heal individuals, society, and the environment.

    The Guest Jurors were:

    • Lisa Cooper, owner of Elisa Contemporary Art and corporate art consultant
    • Barbara Markoff, owner of Artrageous! Gallery and corporate and healthcare art consultant
    • John R. Math, photographer, and founder of Light Space Time online gallery 
    • Ed Wedman, founder of Exhibitions Without Walls

    (read more about Renée and the Guest Jurors here)

    The art in this show was selected from 800 pieces. They received submissions from artists in 11 countries. You can click here to see the full exhibition and its talented artists. It will be running through to November 1st, 2017.