• Tonight: Let's Talk About Creative Confidence

    I’m excited to be speaking on a panel tonight, “Finding Inspiration Through Creative Confidence,” from 6-8pm at General Assembly in Denver's RiNo Art District. Check out what we’ll be discussing and sign up below. It's free! Hope to see you there.

    About the talk:

    Join Mass Musings and General Assembly for an evening of inspiration, community, and exploration.

    We don’t need to divide the world into the ‘creatives’ and the ‘non-creatives.’ We are all naturally creative and we should let our ideas fly. Unfortunately, what often holds us back is our fears of judgment and failure as we get older.

    “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once you grow up."

    - Picasso

    Embedded in creativity is uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure - the ingredients of vulnerability. Getting comfortable with the discomfort of vulnerability is the key to living a creative life. In this session, our creative panelists will break down why we fear creativity, and how in doing so it impedes our path to bringing forth the treasures that are hidden inside of us.”

    Panelists: Kayte Demont, Founder, Mass Musings; Justin Gitlin, Creative Coder, CacheFlowe; Angela Craven, Artist/UX consultant; Kate Peabody, Founder and Coach, Kaptivate; Kraig Weaver, Owner/Founder, AND collaborative; Perry Finley, Corporate Brand Strategist, Digital Marketing Consultant, Yoga Teacher, Music Producer & That Guy With The Pineapple

    About General Assembly: General Assembly (GA) is a global educational company on a mission to empower a community to pursue work they love. Focusing on the most relevant and in-demand skills across data, design, business and technology, GA is confronting a skills gap through best-in-class instruction and providing access to opportunities. Voted Fast Company’s 2015 #1 Most Innovative Company in Education. 

    Learn more and sign up here.