• Reflecting on the "Reclaiming Your Creative Self" Workshop at The Yoga Collective NYC

    Thank you to everyone who made it out to the "Reclaiming Your Creative Self" workshop that Melinda DiOrio and I hosted at The Yoga Collective NYC in Manhattan on March 10, 2019. We loved meeting you and are grateful for the openness and creativity you brought to the day!

    Photo by Laura Russell

    Melinda kicked off the workshop with meditation and gentle yoga practice. Then, I guided everyone through a series of art journaling prompts and techniques to access and record their thoughts, feelings, and memories in a personal and artistic way in their own journals. It was moving to see what surfaced for people and to see how everyone's work was so personal and connected to their unique truth.

    We created this in-person workshop to shake off all of the subconscious things we hold in our bodies and minds that make us feel a little stuck during the winter season when the weather is colder and grayer in NYC. The Yoga Collective NYC provided a beautiful and quiet space where people sorted through distractions with Melinda's guided meditations and then my art journaling. We witnessed them reconnect with their inner wisdom and creativity in a way that I didn't predict. We couldn't have asked for a more inspiring group of people to do it.

    Melinda and I are hoping to collaborate on more workshops in the future. And, if you're in New York, follow Melinda and check out her yoga classes. She's also a talented photographer.