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“Connecting Dots” (365 Days of Art - Day 277)


“Connecting Dots” (365 Days of Art - Day 277)
“Connecting Dots”
Original art by Angela Craven
3.5 x 2”
watercolor on paper

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On January 1st, 2013 I committed to making a small piece of art every day for the rest of the year. The pieces quickly grew beyond the ritual. They became a record of days, connections to friends and family, experiments, introductions, and studies for more work.

In 2015, I added the inspiration behind each piece. For this day, I added:

"Coming back is the thing that enables you to see how all the dots in your life are connected, how one decision leads you another, how one twist of fate, good or bad, brings you to a door that later takes you to another door, which aided by several detours--long hallways and unforeseen stairwells--eventually puts you in the place you are now.”

- Ann Patchett

These 365 small works convinced me that daily actions can lead to a lot of progress. I hope these original pieces inspire others to take action every day to create what they want to see in 2017.

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