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“Memories of Insomnia” (365 Days of Art - Day 14)


“Memories of Insomnia” (365 Days of Art - Day 14)
“Memories of Insomnia”
Original art by Angela Craven
2 x 3.5”
Acrylic on paper

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On January 1st, 2013 I committed to making a small piece of art every day for the rest of the year. The pieces quickly grew beyond the ritual. They became a record of days, connections to friends and family, experiments, introductions, and studies for more work.

In 2015, I added the inspiration behind each piece. For this day, I added:

Have you ever had insomnia?

Around the time I made this piece I had been having some not-so-restful nights but was learning more about meditation and mindfulness, and also becoming addicted to restorative yoga. If you've never taken a class, you should make that happen soon. It's yoga for people who realllllly like savasana (also called corpse pose - but that makes it sound less appealing) at the end of class. The whole hour (plus) of restorative yoga is basically one long savasana with some extra relaxing "poses" in the middle. And by "poses," I mean the kind of stretching you can do while laying on your mat to release tension. Okay, fine, it's a nap. You pay for a nap. But it's a guided nap and it's amazing. You'll go in to class after a stressful day and will come out with no memory of said stressful day. I'm telling you, so good.

In case you're not sold yet, here's a technique I learned in class:

1. Start by taking a deep breath while you count to 5
2. Hold that breath for 3 more seconds
3. Exhale while you count to 5
4. Then hold your breath again for 1 second before you do it all over again.

Try to repeat that process 10 times. Each time you inhale, try to loosen your jaw so that your teeth aren't clenching and your tongue doesn't touch the roof of your mouth. You'll start to notice all the other places in your body where you were holding tension, your neck, your back...release those too. I've never made it to 10. Try it tonight. You might just sleep like a baby.

These 365 small works convinced me that daily actions can lead to a lot of progress. I hope these original pieces inspire others to take action every day to create what they want to see in 2017.

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